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Acacia Launches a Gorgeous Bridal Collection in Hawaii

Hawaii designers Naomi Newirth and Lyndie Irons', known globally for their spphisticated swimwear line, recently announced their brand new capsule collection of bridal gowns. The brand's signature style mixes effortless femininity with sophistication.

By Robyn Iaea / Editorial Director / Pacific Weddings
Mon 21 Nov

Acacia Swimwear designers Naomi Newirth and  Lyndie Irons' are inspired by their mutual love of travel and exotic beaches., and now they are lending that same effortless sophistication to a capsule collection of bridal gowns. Naomi says, "The gowns are made of silk and hand beaded in Indonesia," adding, "It was something I decided to do for fun as spmething special!"

The Hawaii designers stayed true to their vsion in creating two stunning and unique gowns that speak to their love of the islands. While the dresses are easy to wear, the hand beading and gorgeous styles are perfect for an elegant destination wedding. Acacia kept it simple for their debut into the bridal world:  two styles, two colors (black or white) and only custom orders.  With their loyal following among bikini girls worldwide, the dresses are certain to the talk of the fashion set. Inquire at to see the new Acacia Bridal line.



Wedding Gown - Designer: Acacia

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