Whether you are a bride, a talented photographer or an event designer, we would love to hear from you! We receive hundreds of submissions for Love Notes and Pacific Weddings, so here are a few suggestions for getting published.

What makes a submission stand out? We love a good story, gorgeous images and lots of detail shots.

Professionals can submit weddings with the submission form on the page.

Keep in mind:

  • We do not accept previously published weddings (this includes blogs and printed matter)
  • Send us 30-50 photos of a single wedding
  • An excellent description (we choose based on the photos and the story, so share your vision and inspiration as well as how you met)
  • Credits for all wedding talent
  • Detail shots (the more the better!)
  • Images a minimum of 2048 pixels wide with no watermark (when submitting through our media platform)
  • Specify if you are interested in being featured on the blog or only in Pacific Weddings magazine


Things you need to know before you submit: please resist the temptation to blog about your wedding or share the photos ahead of time with other blogs and bridal magazines. Once we break the story, we don't mind if you share the images. (It's a journalism thing!)


If your wedding is selected for publication (either online or in the magazine), you will be asked to complete a formal submission form which requires the signatures of the couple as well as a photographer's release.


An editor will then call you to get a personal account of your story so you can share the finer (juicy) details of your courtship and wedding day firsthand.

Keep on submitting! If you are a photographer who has submitted before, don't be discouraged. We have more opportunities than ever to share your work via our website and magazine. Besides, we love to support our fellow colleagues whenever we can, so send us all your best weddings, not just one. Also keep in mind, we give preference to our sponsors out of fairness.