Destination photographer Kym Ventola captured this hauntingly beautiful wedding fashion shoot in the woods of Northern Arizona. It is dark and moody and wonderful! She says, "I love things that are beautifully dark and had been dreaming of this shoot for almost a year. Many of my dearest friends are introverts and many of my sweet, beautiful brides describe themselves as introverts as well. I wanted to embrace that bride...remind her that it's beautiful to be genuine and not fake a smile. There's something incredibly romantic and eerie at the same time to shoot with this intention."

Kym continues, "I chose to work with these specific artists because we all connected with how beautiful our world is at night. It's a mysterious time of day, especially in the woods. It can be eerily quiet; your imagination runs wild with the slightest sound or movement. I've always loved the nighttime since I was little, and connected with being quiet, in the dark. I'm not a depressed or sad human being, I just find more peace at nighttime and it allows me to reconnect with myself in such a busy world. Ironically, I'm a very outgoing extrovert. I love being around people. It's all about balance."