This October, we had the pleasure of attending the Berta Bridal Fall 2020 Fashion Show in New York City. The Israeli-based fashion house is known for incredibly sexy silhouettes, dazzling embellishments, and daring layers. This year, Berta presented the newest bridal gowns in the most amazing location: the highest floor of the One World Trade Center. 

We hopped into an elevator that whisked us up 104 floors to the very top of the One World Observatory. The show took place in front of an incredible view bird's eye view of New York. Models wore beautifully elegant yet modern gowns paired with embezzled hair pieces and satin white pumps. 

"Strong, powerful, and confident is the description of Berta's perennial muse.

As the city of Naples itself [the inspiration for the Fall 2020 collection], BERTA stays true to her origin and heritage in this new bridal couture collection. While many new elements are being introduced in this new collection, the cuts and use of complex fabrications remains true to the ever-evolving BERTA style and design fingerprints. 

As always with BERTA, the fabrics are the cornerstone of the collection. You will find different patterns and novel combinations of fabrics with embroideries and beadwork of the highest level. The collection tells a story of crafts and art, one that is so much more than yet another bridal design. Each creation has its own spirit and transcends the design idea behind it, in a way that will allow the future bride that will choose it to see it as an extension of herself, and one that will allow her to express herself."