Few architectural styles have a greater aura of romance and mystique than the Spanish colonial haciendas of the 18th-century. Tucked away in Mexico's rural countryside of Jalisco with its ruggedly beautiful landscape, the Hacienda El Carmen Hotel & Spa is no exception. Constructed by the Carmelite monks in 1722, the former convent was passed through many hands over hundreds of years until the early 1960s when the current owner, Monica Baeza's mother, fell in love with the enclave of Spanish colonial architecture and lush, ripe terrain. The estate was revitalized into a family country house until the day Monica took ownership of the residence. A consummate hostess, gardener and chef, Monica transformed the property into an exclusive resort with a sensitivity to its history. Fine art photographer Jose Villa traveled to this remembered paradise to capture a modern-day boudoir shoot amid the soft glow of candlelight and rustic elegance.