This spring's New York Bridal Fashion Week was an absolute dream. Our favorite designers presented their new Spring/Summer 2020 lines, and we are so excited to share them with you. 

To kick off our roundup of the collections, here is the complete Spring 2020 Bridal Collection designed by the talented Ines Di Santo. Her newest line draws inspiration from a fairytale dream as the night sky transitions to sunrise. Her designs feature shimmering silver tones to mimic iridescent moonlight, signature illusion backs as soft as twilight, and watercolor accents in an ode to the warmth of glowing sunlight.

"My inspiration this season lives in a fairytale dream. Our bride Ophelia spends time in a shimmering lunar garden filled with celestial wonder. She dances through branches with fluorescent blossoms. Ships sail in the clouds amongst the moon and the stars. Tiny woodland creatures and beautiful gold and silver twigs dance around her wrists and fingers...Sunrise brings with it gorgeous soft color and the dream leaves a trace of wonder she tucks in her memory." - Ines Di Santo