On Cloud Nine With Alexandra Grecco

Wedding Gown

November 12, 2018

Ashley Cooper|Pacific Weddings

Last week, we touched on Alexandra Grecco's presentation at New York Bridal Fashion Week. Today we wanted to share a more complete look at her full collection: Cloud Nine. Inspired by a recent trip to Italy, the Cloud Nine collection features bold floral embroideries, whimsical silhouettes, unique laces and exquisite fabrics.

From the designer:
"For our ninth collection, aptly titled 'Cloud Nine', I drew inspiration from my time spent in Italy this summer. Captivated by the serene, yet vibrant landscapes of southern Italy, I wanted to breathe new life into those vivid florals with bold hand embroidery.

The soft colors of this collection are reminiscent of the brilliant sunsets in the hills of Tuscany. The striking contrast of embroidery against these soft tones transports me right back to nighttime stroll through the ancient streets of Matera. One of my personal favorites, Palermo, highlights this contrast with bold midnight embroidery on delicate, champagne tulle. 

I really focused on creating this collection with silhouettes designed to work on a range of body types, and our show features models of many different sizes. Incorporating more structure into our gowns is just one way we are making our line more accessible to women everywhere."