We are excited to share the gorgeous new 2017 couture bridal collection by Australian designer Suzanne Harward. The collection will debut at an official show in her Melbourne  showroom later this month, and her team can be reached for an appointment by calling +61 3 8415 0688. 

Suzanne Harward 2017 Birdal Collection

There are so many fresh, unexpected details in Suzanne Harward's 2017 bridal collection, Illuminati. There is something retro about the style of the details in the necklines, sleeves and fabrics. The collection fills a niche in bridal gowns that no other designer quite achieves--classic, modern with a touch of everything we love from previous eras!

Inspired by the feminine sartorialist and her innate sense of individuality, Suzanne Harward's signature high fashion wedding gowns encompass era-spanning elegance, rich layers of texture and a unique palette of muted tones. Suzanne says, "The new 2017 collection, Illuminati, speaks to the heart of women who inspire and possess divine enlightenment or transcendent knowledge. She glows from within and radiates light wherever she goes. She is powerful, electric and bravely pierces the darkness with her allencompassing light and warmth. She is unashamedly luminous. She is the illuminati."  Combining metallic accents of burnished gold and silver meshed with white, nude and oyster tones the overall feel of the 2017 bridal collection is fresh and at once timeless.