Australian label Grace Loves Lace, known as the creators of "The World's Most Pinned Wedding Dress", have designed the perfect wedding gown based on the feedback of brides' partners. 

"Such a big part of choosing a dress is taking into consideration what you think your partner wants to see you walk down the aisle in," says founder and creative director Megan Ziems. Over the past twelve months, Grace Loves Lace asked partners all over the world what dress features caught their eye the most. "The most common request from partners was that the dress had to be simple, closely followed by a silhouette that hugs her curves, especially the bust and butt," said Ziems. 

Other valuable feedback included comfort, simplicity, a non-traditional twist and, of course, something the new mother-in-law would approve of.

"Combining all of these elements simply affirmed we're on the right track paving the way for brides of today. We design for the woman, not the bride. As such, we refuse to hold women back with restrictive, rigid elements like boning and heavy fabrics," said Ziems. 

Featuring a classic fitted silhouette, spaghetti straps, and a skirt that falls into a mermaid rain, the Hart dress was designed for brides who want a gown they can dance the night away in! "We created this gown and aptly named her HART, because she's the type of dress that will make your heart skip a beat," says Ziems. "She's effortless, sexy, classic, timeless - to put simply, HART is the opposite of over the top," she said.