Blooms by Breesa Lee

Over 12 years of pursuing flowery interests has led Breesa Everett throughout San Diego and New York City curating floral designs for television, print work, businesses, and an eclectic assortment of weddings and events.  Working alongside top landscape architects, she's traveled through historic gardens and greenhouses on the East Coast, Switzerland, and France learning the aesthetic process of restoring 18th and 19th century gardens and outdoor spaces.

Along with a background in Fine Art and training with The Belle Arte Workshop in French and Fine Art Styling, Breesa works to incorporate all of these experiences and trainings into the aesthetics of my work.  Fine art design is about permanence and creating a sense of place — isn't that what marriage is for us as well?  

Bringing an artful eye to floral and event design means creating a story through balance, details, juxtaposition, and striking colors; whether the tone is bold or subdued. Incorporating herbs and botanicals to get your olfactory memories swirling; combining textural and unexpected flower types with elegant designs to keep your eyes searching and and tactile senses interested - that's how she creates designs with longevity. 


Blooms by Breesa Lee