Clarity Entertainment Maui


Aloha, I'm Chris. Let me introduce myself, as your DJ, I’m not there to press play, you hired me to create an experience. Maui’s elite wedding vendors are booking Clarity Entertainment Maui, this islands freshest DJ. For your epic Maui wedding I will provide the best time, EVER! Here’s the deal folks, I have a passion for music, I am no stranger to the mic, and I love people. Getting everyone excited about what’s going on is something I was made for.

Your guests will have a great time, they will be included, I will draw them into the moments, you will be a big deal (and I will not), and information will be tastefully and clearly delivered.

The ultimate goal is to have a great time! Whether it’s subtle music setting the mood, or pumping music to get people up on their feet, I come prepared based on your desires we discussed. Holding to your desires I try also to be “in the moment” and flexible.

I will do (almost) anything to ensure your guests feel they were well taken care of and ultimately entertained. While I do hope that your guests enjoy their time with me, I want to assure you it will not be the “Chris Show.”


Clarity Entertainment Maui
Kihei, Hawaii
United States
(808) 419-2807

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