Compass Rose Studio

A compass rose has been illustrated on maps, oceanic charts, and historic atlases since as early as 1200AD to display direction (N, NE, S, SE, W, etc.). Amy's passion for art, the sea, and vintage maps led to her inspiration for Compass Rose Studio. The word compass is based on the Latin word 'com' (together) and 'passus' (a step or pace). In a sense, the compass represents both the milestone you are celebrating in your life and the direction you are headed. The 'rose' is derived from the elaborate and ornate petal designs illustrated on early compasses.

Amy is an independent artist with over a decade of illustration and print production experience.

Amy started drawing when she was old enough to hold a pencil and simply never stopped. As an innate animal lover, her early years were dedicated to bringing animals to life on paper. When she wasn’t drawing bunnies and chipmunks, Amy focused on gorgeous landscapes. She drew anything and everything around her.

To this day, Amy sticks to her roots. Before touching a keyboard and mouse, Amy sketches her designs by hand. She opened Compass Rose Studio because she truly enjoys working with clients at a personal level to create custom, hand-crafted stationery.


Compass Rose Studio
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