Peer Johnson Professional Wedding Photography

Peer Johnson has over 16 years experience in commercial photography and has worked for some of the best fashion photographers on the West Coast. His easy-going, fun attitude makes him a favorite among brides. He's married to one of the best makeup artists and hair stylists in the industry.  Peer's firsthand knowledge and experience shooting events at fabulous California wineries and beaches in Maui set him apart.

Additionally he worked for L.A. Wedding Coordinator Extraordinaire Mindy Weiss for 2 years. Working closely with Mindy taught him the in's & out's of weddings, events & parties. "Above all, it was her personable & whimsical demeanor, even at the largest events, that was most impressive!" Peer says.

With years of professional training in photography, lighting, retouching, & color correction, Peer has shot commercial assignments for demanding clients in New York, Miami, Atlanta & Los Angeles and he has directed catalogs with budgets over $100,000 with revenue into 8 figures. It is this experience that has taught him to listen carefully to his clients needs. He is an accomplished Professional Wedding Photographer yet Bride's consistently say one of the best things is his easy-going and fun attitude! He has genuine enthusiasm for you & the overall success of your wedding day!


Peer Johnson Professional Wedding Photography
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