Zenziva Bridal Party Scrub


Designed to honor the beautiful bride on her most special day, each scrub is a notable + bespoke experience. Create an opportunity to celebrate her in style.

Gather your besties and loved ones from the wedding party to share stories, laughter and tears while honoring the bride to be. Together you will leisurely bask in each other’s radiant glow while scrubbing your own body with the most decadent chocolate body scrub.

"During a wedding, everyone seems to be moving a mile per minute. The Bridal Party Scrub gives each bride the opportunity to take a step back, relax, and fully enjoy being surrounded by the people she loves most in the entire world. Loved ones are able to share their excitement and emotions with the bride before the hectic schedule of wedding day. And the bride gets a special designated time to celebrate her life with her girls. You will end your day feeling revived, at peace, and surrounded by sisterhood."
-- PW editor Ashley Cooper


Zenziva Bridal Party Scrub
Maui, Hawaii
United States