Zephyr and Tide

Hey, we’re Caleb and Cece!

We’re best friends (also married) and we share an amazing life based on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Both being raised by modern hippies, we have a real natural love for love. There is nothing quite like this force of nature! Also, genuine connections, real moments, authentic relationships, and healthy communication. We believe communication is pretty much one of the major keys to life, and listening is the biggest key to communication. This is how we approach YOUR story. We’re not story tellers, we are story listeners. We want to capture the real moments, the in between ones, the genuine stuff. We want to make art that makes you feel something. That’s what we’re all about.

We specialize in pretty much everything that makes our heart beat : love. travel. life. and food.. lots of food. Also editorial and fashion because we get to get artsy and we really dig that.

We are often on the go, traveling and such. But we strive to keep life simple, full of meaning and intention. And when we are home, we take full advantage of that slow, down to earth lifestyle.


Zephyr and Tide