Accountability is key in world of diamonds, evidenced by Ada's Concierge team who can share the origin of every single lab-grown diamond they sell-- from where the diamond was cut and polished, to where the jewelry was cast and set. In stark contrast with the practices of the mined diamond industry at large, Ada Diamonds has unparalleled access to every diamond growing facility on earth, allowing for both a complete transparency with the origins of the stones and unmatched creative freedom for the consumer tofully realize their dream designs.

Ada's sustainably cultured diamonds are real diamonds, with the exact same crystal structure, chemical composition, optical properties, and physical properties as mined diamonds.

Working with an Ada Diamonds Concierge offers clients 360-degree customization for their specific needs, allowing for full control over the process and giving them the chance to design a piece that is perfect in every way. All of Ada's bridal pieces are fully custom, made-to-order, and are never mass-produced.

"We created Ada Diamonds to be the company we wish had existed when we designed an engagement ring years ago. From the start, we wanted to focus on quality client experiences rooted in a commitment to excellence. As the leader in luxury lab diamond bridal, we know that a purchase this important deserves an impeccable buying experience. That's why at Ada we follow the golden rule: if we wouldn't wear it, then neither should you."   --Lindsay Reinsmith, Co-Founder

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