Traveling photographer Donny Zavala teamed up with Maui-based florist Mandy Grace Designs and hair and make-up artist Meili Autumn Beauty to style this effortless and feminine bridal shoot.  

With a documentary style, Donny tells a story through images that are beautiful, romantic and artistically timeless. He is a seeker of amazing light and is always adventuring for the most romantic and natural settings in his home state of Oregon. He is primarily a medium format photographer traveling nationally and internationally to capture his clients' work. The use of film photography for this shoot brings into existence the lightest feeling of fluidity. Such a delicately soft focus transcends the reality of roaring waters and untamed wind to entangle us into a magically intimate and airy romance.

The simplicity of the stark natural background of Maui's north shore sea cliffs is offset by an intricately detailed Gossamer gown adorned with weighted beading and embroidery.

A variety of neutral and dusty rose toned silk ribbons by Maui-based textile company Adorn is freely wrapped around an exquisite bouquet of creamy petals. 

Beautiful Angelei holds her bouquet in one hand as the unruly wind enchants the ribbons to dance around her dainty frame draped in a beaded overlay.