We've been over it; perfection is out. When it comes to the extremely personal nature of a wedding celebration, it is important not to throw a perfect party, but a meaningful one. Sometimes this translates to a bespoke suit for the groom or a shaky song from one fianc

From Sarah:

"In 2011 we bought a farm in Montgomery County, NY in order to start growing flowers. In the few years since we've started to conceptualize a place that has the potential to become a unique crossroads where floral designers, farmers and enthusiasts can gather to learn from one and other and produce beautiful things.

Starting to grow our own flowers has unlocked a great world of unusual varieties that were previously unavailable to us in the cut flower market. If you've gardened, you know that the way flowers grow in nature is very different from the way they are produced for the flower trade. They are softer, more varied -- they are beautifully imperfect as opposed to rigidly straight. Having this place to experiment with growing has plunged us even deeper into our roles as floral designers. The possibilities for creating beautiful things fold out infinitely in front of us here.

It's called The Farm at Worlds End."

All images courtesy of the Saipua blog.