Some semi-solicited wedding advice: don't limit white to your wedding dress. Lately, we're obsessing over brides with an eye for clean, minimal style. And we're not talking strictly modern designs here. Trust me, we'll never get over vintage. (It's not a trend). Our all-time favorite interiors (and weddings) boast pointedly aged elements. But a good white-washing updates all things antiquated. Painted, glazed, marbled, knit, stamped, plastered, woven...the beauty of white is it's distinct ability to highlight texture and expose detail. From French-country interiors to modern leather bags and tassled hammocks, here are our favorite white-washed images to inspire your clean, sexy wedding palette.

If you're into white, and you're into vintage, you'll love the perfectly chippy white-washed boards they use to photograph beautiful (also white, also vintage) Free People goods. Check out our Free People Vintage feature here!