Issue 32

Summer/ Fall 2015

The premiere advertisement-free issue is a fine art style book format with 160 pages of silk-touch paper. Issue 32 explores the sense of place with fashion features spanning the globe from Hawaii to Paris and Athens, Greece. Seven original real wedding stories are brimming with visual inspiration and stunning imagery. As the leading publication of its kind, Pacific Weddings celebrates the ethereal film quality of the industry's leading film shooters.

10. Allure

Bridal boudoir in an old-world hacienda.

20. A Sense of Place

An enchanting wedding in nature.

28. That 1950s Chic

Retro and playful wedding fashion.

36. Art Deco Revival

A fabulous 1920s celebration in california.

Issue 31

Summer/Fall 2014

In this special edition of Pacific Weddings, The Color Issue, we invite you to join us and be inspired by your favorite hue. On the cover, photographer Jose Villa proves that not every bride is defined by a classic white wedding day. Take a cue from nature like the real wedding story "Watercolor Seas" and the fanciful floral cakes of this issue. Whether it's the luminous tones of the sea or a pop of chromatic yellow, the stories in this issue will inspire your wedding to be a personal reflection of your style.

Issue 30

Winter/Spring 2014

This issue celebrates 15 years of Pacific Weddings! In it you'll find some of the most romantic wedding dresses set against a velvet sea, bountiful bouquets, the art of food and some of the most breathtaking real weddings.

Issue 29

Summer/Fall 2013

This edition is filled with fresh ideas and real wedding stories in the most gorgeous venues of California and Hawaii. Pastel wedding bouquets and rustic table landscapes at an Italian villa inspire you. Discover a French garden in Maui, be inspired by opulent wedding cakes and never-before-seen wedding gowns.

Issue 28

Winter/ Spring 2013

This issue is filled to the brim with fabulous wedding ideas and inspiration. You'll find bouquets in wintery whites, a breathtaking escape to Palm Springs, a gallery of spectacular wedding cakes, 8 inspiring real weddings from Hawaii and California and much more.

Issue 27

Summer/Fall 2012

This issue features the most romantic wedding locales, from Manka’s Inverness Lodge and a breathtaking almond orchard to a rustic Sonoma winery and an idyllic Hawaiian ranch. Real weddings, rustic wedding bouquets and a stunning gallery of cakes will inspire and inform your wedding plans, whether timeless or modern.

Issue 26

Winter/Spring 2012

This issue is filled to the brim with fabulous wedding ideas and inspiration. You'll find ocean-inspired bouquets, a breathtaking escape to Paris, a gallery of the incredible botanical inspired cakes, 9 jaw-dropping real weddings from Hawaii and California and much more.

Issue 25

Winter/Spring 2011

This special edition is informed by the world of fashion and, like the elite designers themselves, it encompasses an original array of perspectives and styles. Color block wedding bouquets, poetic cakes, and whimsical Marimekko fabrics will inspire you to think outside the box. An album of couture gowns and beautifully detailed real weddings make this edition a must read.

Issue 24

Summer/Fall 2011

This special edition of Pacific Weddings is dedicated to the real life nuptials of eleven couples, each with a wonderfully unique story. A French wedding at the Haiku Mill on Maui celebrates a bride's refined, feminine taste for of all things European, while another auspicious event unfolds at the sublime Pelican Hill Resort in California with posh, romantic details. In addition, original editorials showcase exclusive cake designs, elemental bouquets of earth, wind and fire, and this season's dreamy couture gowns.

Issue 23

Summer/Fall 2010

The latest edition of Pacific Weddings brings an entirely fresh approach to mixing the old with the new. In the wedding reception story, Looking Glass, an intimate table of mercury glass and pale pink dahlias transports you back in time to a Parisian café of sorts at the Haiku Mill, Maui. A collection of the loveliest destination wedding gowns and an array of vintage wedding favors make this issue utterly delightful.

Issue 22

Winter/Spring 2010

An homage to an elite group of international fashion houses, the stories in this edition are all about the complex details that make haute couture pieces true works of art. Lanvin's penchant for intricate beading and embroidery come to life in a luxurious collection of wedding bouquets. Striking cakes bear the signatures of Christian Dior and Emilio Pucci, and a vivid reception bears the European panache of Hermès. This issue is filled with wedding ideas that both revere and reinvent the unique designs that inspired them.