Actress Brooke Lyons and Hollywood producer Maximillian Osswald weren’t particularly looking for a relationship when they met in a gastropub in Los Angeles, California in 2009. Brooke’s friend observed their chemistry and remarked, “That’s your husband,” to which Brooke replied, “That’s crazy.” Before crossing paths on that charm-filled evening, both Max and Brooke had quietly resolved not to get involved in a romantic courtship. Fate demanded otherwise. “He had my attention immediately,” Brooke says. “He is unstoppable. He’s so funny and clever and engaging. I had never met anyone like him before.” Despite his shining first impression, the brunette beauty was too hesitant to jump into things right away. After months of pursuit, Brooke finally said yes to Max’s invitation to accompany him to a party. “If you hate it, you can go home,” he told her. “I’ll pay for your cab.” Turns out, the exit strategy via cab was unnecessary. “That very first time we hung out, I felt like I had known this person for twenty years. It was a sensation I had never had about anyone.”