Wedding Ball Gowns for Spring

April 7, 2021

Ashley Cooper|Pacific Weddings

The Atelier Couture by Professor Jimmy Choo, OBE, creates gowns fit for a princess bride. Every gown is adorned with handcrafted decorations atop luxurious fabrics and craftsmanship. 

The spring collection "Art in Nature, Nature in Art" is inspired by Art Nouveau. The concept dives beyond traditional decoration and ornament to extend into the actual structure and aesthetic form of design. This season's line up is layered with masterful manipulation of organic lines, variations in curve and thickness of fabric, and textural ingenuity. 

"In 2017, Professor Jimmy Choo OBE joined THE ATELIER as design director and creative director, and made his collection debut at Shanghai Fashion Week with the collection "The Atelier· The Stars" to great acclaim.  Professor Jimmy Choo OBE has designed for the late British Princess Diana among the other famous women that loved his brand. In 2015, this talented and ingenious international shoe master began to turn his attention to wedding dresses. In his view, a wedding dress is more than just a piece of clothing, as actually it carries the dreams of every girl, the desire for love, and the expectation of their own wedding and future life. And this concept and idea fully coincides with the concept of the Haute Couture craftsmanship that THE ATELIER has always held."