Haiku Mill


Old World Europe meets natural Hawaiian splendor at Haiku Mill – a stunning property located on Maui’s north shore, off the famous Road to Hana. With its unmatched beauty and elegance, unique past, and lush, tropical location, Haiku Mill is unlike any event venue you’ve ever seen before.

Haiku Mill is steeped in over 150 years of history, with roots in Maui’s storied sugar industry. Guests are treated to a breathtaking mix of French-inspired décor, vine-draped ruins and spectacular flora. A stroll beneath the Mill’s archway is like a trip back in time. From world-class weddings, corporate events and social functions; to historical botanical tours of its spectacular gardens; to elegant displays of relics from days gone by; Haiku Mill is a must-visit for both residents and visitors.


Haiku Mill
Haiku, Hawaii
United States
(808) 575-9994

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