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Trynh approaches each and every project with grace and preparation.  With a  business degree, she strives to provide the highest level of customer service experience.  With an art background, Trynh always seeks for the best angles, compositions, light, taking shapes, textures, and colors into consideration while photographing.  She uses both medium format film and digital photography to beautifully capture your memories. 

Trynh is dedicated to getting to know each individual client and their vision to provide a tailored experience.  Trynh prepares the clients ahead of time ensuring that they know what to expect, which lead them to feel prepared and able to be at ease during their photoshoot or wedding, this then allows them to exude their genuine self and emotions that are captured in photographs that you see as a natural look and feel.  She works alongside the client’s planner or designer to learn all of the details to photograph each event in the most optimal way.  Trynh is committed to providing a custom photography timeline for each client, and she also provides recommendations to achieve the best photo results.


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