Santa Barbara

The Unforgettable

July 29, 2015

Pacific Weddings

On a chilly moonlit night in New York City, Kristian Chavez and Brittany Brown took the long way back to their room at the Gramercy Park Hotel. While the calendar year read April, the season was still transitioning from winter to spring. The California couple circled the tree-lined boundaries of Gramercy Park, the only truly private park in all of Manhattan, and stopped in front of the wrought-iron gates. Without a moment of hesitation, Kristian, on bended knee, presented his girlfriend with an oval diamond ring. In a pleasant mix of shock and elation, Brittany said yes. “We both share a similar view of what a happy life looks like and what we want our lives to be,” she says. “Even though we are different, our core values are the same. Family is really important to us.”