Tupou Photography

Missy & Ez, we are lovers, best friends and most of all Husband and Wife. We’re both in love with photography, almost as much as we’re in love with each other! We’re one together and work together. We met in downtown Sydney 2010; completely fell in love the moment we met, running away with each other’s hearts and into our dreams. It’s crazy how fairy tales come to life!​

My Wife grew up in a small town in the beautiful countryside of Hertfordshire England, She was accustomed to cold rainy day’s, indulging in hot chocolate & roast dinners with family and friends. My Husband on the other hand grew up with the sun, sand, beautiful beaches, hot summers, cool cafe’s, culture and the booming night life of Australia.

We eventually became Mr & Mrs Tupou, which may we add was the single, most incredible, breathtaking moment we’ve experienced. We had a beautiful wedding day in the back garden of the family home, that my Father built (He would never let it go if i didn’t add that in there). Life since then has been pure bliss.

We love to travel and experience diverse cultures, fine dine, listen to loud music, and dance in the beauty of this world. We truly feel that life is precious and worth holding onto and our passion is to capture those special moments.


Tupou Photography
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