Bridal Beauty Must Haves for Summer

August 2, 2021

Ashley Cooper|Pacific Weddings

It's officially August, and that means we are rearing the warmest of summer weddings. Brides, the best beauty advise we have is to drink plenty of water and keep your skin hydrated. Want to keep your skin fresh and glowing? Here are five of our current bridal beauty picks for summer. 

We recently discovered the results-oriented skincare brand FaceGym. FaceGym has three main objectives in mind when if comes to skincare: prep, train, and recover. What makes them standout is that they give you both the tools and the training to use them for a sustainable upgrade in skin health. 

Similar to a gym workout for your body, the regimes created by FaceGym are to tone, tighten, and firm your face. We tested out the Hyaluronic Roller Dissolving Microneedling Tool paired with the Hydro-Bound Daily Serum. The roller was unlike any other microneedling tool we have ever come across. It helps you to boost hydration and encourage cellular rejuvenation. The microneedles are filled with hyaluronic acid and peptides that

sink with hyaluronic acid and peptides that sink into your skin for deeper and stronger results. FaceGym suggests using it once a week for a month paired with a serum in order to get the best results. Our editor Ashley has been using it every Sunday morning for a weekly boost of hydration and suppleness. We also love that you use a new roller head each time you use the device to ensure cleanliness and a proficient supply of hyaluronic acid.

Herbivore Botanicals Coco Rose Body Oil will leave your skin soft and glowing with a subtle scent of fresh rose.

It has a wonderfully lightweight, yet texture that is nourishing enough to combat the dry heat of summertime. We love the soft rose scent that doubles as a perfume if used before going out for the day. We especially love using a light body oil for traveling during the summer months as it makes such an easy go-to product for multiple uses. It is great for sensitive skin and keeps you moisturized for the entire day.

Herbivore Botanicals is one of our favorite clean beauty brands. Every one of their products is focused on natural, high-quality ingredients that really perform. 

The Hanacure All-In-One Facial Set has become an internet sensation for good reason. The facial targets hyperpigmentation, clears clogged pores, addresses dryness, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, puffiness and redness, tightens pores, and increases the luminosity of the skin while giving it a more lifted and firmer complexion.

We asked Hanacure SVP Alice Berman when would be the optimal time for a bride to use the All-In-One Facial prior to the wedding:

"For optimal, maximal results, I would recommend using all three of Hanacure's products starting at least 14 days before your wedding. 

It takes your skin between 2 and 8 weeks to acclimate to new products. If you don't have much time, you can see change just from one use of Hanacure's All-In-One Facial and Nano Emulsion. I would recommend trying the All-In-One Facial at least the week before the wedding, as I think trying any new product the day before your wedding may create unnecessary stress! That said, our All-In-One facial is used by people before major events -- including the Oscars and the Grammys! -- as part of event prep. I personally always use a Hanacure facial before any event, and I always use Nano Emulsion as my primer for both my day-to-day makeup and event makeup. I find that it creates a dewy, lit-from-within look and would highly recommend it to all brides."

With summer heat always comes dry, dull skin. No one wants to feel flakey during their wedding week or honeymoon! We recently have started using the Exfoliating Mitt by Come Clean Cosmetics, and the results are pretty incredible. 

"Come Clean Cosmetics offers you the only exfoliating mitt that visibly removes strands of dead skin cells. Our skin care regeneration method has been practiced for centuries in European and Turkish baths. Using only water, it eliminates toxins, boosts collagen and renews your skin."

It's an effective way to restore and renew your skin that is extremely simple and straight-forward. Just hop in the shower 

or bath until it is very steamy and then begin to scrub your skin with the mitt in long strokes. Your dead skin will come right off, leaving your skin looking fresh and glowing! Make sure to follow up with an intensive moisturizer. 

Beyond the what we love about this product, Come Clean Cosmetics also has partnered with The Ocean Cleanup nonprofit organization to continue their mission to protect our oceans.

If you are unhappy with the constant upkeep of shaving or waxing, The Nood IPL Handset at-home laser hair removal solution might be a good fit for you. 

"The Nood Handset was designed with proprietary FSPLā„¢ (Full Spectrum Pulsed Light) with 5 different levels to best suit your skin tone and sensitivity. With just 10 minutes of treatment once per week, most people start to see results in under a month."

The at-home device is quite simple to use and practically painless. It is a good option for anyone who doesn't have time to regularly schedule laser appointments, doesn't enjoy the need to grow your hair out every time you wax, or is just exhausted with the regular shaving routine. 

*Do note that this device only works on specific hair types. See their website for more information.