Every love has a story. Dane and Alannah met almost 10 years ago in their early teenage years through a group of mutual friends on Maui. Alannah tells us, "We developed an amazing friendship which, over time, grew into something more. Even at a young age, we somehow knew we had met 'the one'. But over time, life took us on separate journeys. Dane lived on the east coast and toured the country with a band. I moved to Seattle for college. After many adventures and a lot of growing up, we reunited again in January 2014 after almost seven years apart!" Dan proposed that summer and the pair recently wed at the Hui No'eau Visual Arts Center in Maui, Hawaii in a beautiful island-style celebration.

Photographer Ajja DeShayne captured the sweet couple in the rustic Upcountry setting for their engagement session. The bride fills us in on their vision for the shoot, "We are both very laid-back so we wanted our engagement photos to feel easy going and fun! We always loved spending afternoons in Poli Poli, enjoying the sunset and each others' company in the calm and quiet surroundings, so we thought Thompson Road would be a perfect setting for the shoot. We also took some photos in the coffee field at Dane's parents' house. When choosing what to wear, we decided to go with something that we would wear any day. We picked out something we already had in our closets.  Dane wore a Vans collared shirt and I wore an Urban Outfitters dress."