Simple Romantic Wedding Shoot

January 30, 2019

Ashley Cooper|Pacific Weddings

When Lauren and Franck traveled to the island of Moorea for a romantic getaway, the couple booked a wedding photo session with French Polynesia based photographer Paulina Cadoret. Paulina shared some words with us about this simple beach portrait session:

"We were honored that Lauren and Franck, our American friends, asked us for a wedding photo session on Moorea. They are a lovely couple whose mutual love shines through each of their gestures and words. Moorea offered them tranquility and romantic seclusion they sought. The session turned out to be a great adventure and inspiration for us. It made us once again realize that every little detail matters when you want to capture the invisible. The touch of Franck's hand, the way Lauren smells her coffee, the harmony of their smiles... and so much more. 'Sense and Sensibility' of our time."